Ignite Your Divine Expression!

Get all the info you need here to ignite your divine expression

with a variety of

tools designed for you to explore the importance

of finding your passion through…


Goal Setting


Positive Affirmations

Evaluation & Reflection

Power of Practice

and Faith

Connecting with your divine expression is not something you can learn in a day or in an hour;

it is something that requires patience, time, consistency, effort and self-discovery.

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enid rosa

Enid Rosa is a Certified Life Force Energy Medicine Practitioner, Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and World Coach Institute Spiritual Coach. She combines spiritual counseling, coaching, energy work, meditation and movement to help clear limiting beliefs and energy blocks. She teaches practical tools to help you gain clarity, awareness and experience a potent activation of your life purpose.




Enid began to connect with her higher self in 2009 after aligning herself with the Universal Energies and Cosmic Consciousness. Her focus is to help empower people to connect with their higher self and Universal Creation Energy by using intention, affirmations, visualization, organic timing and movement. She guides people to navigate transformation and connect to the natural world so they could use their inner guidance to more consciously co-create their lives. She offers meditations, one-on-one sessions or group classes.
Her intention is to support you with your goals, dreams and visions. Help you clear old patterns and move forward in your life, to feel empowered, find your purpose and Ignite your Divine Expression.

Specialties: Meditation Circles, New Moon Intention Activations & Spiritual Coaching
Location: Rincon, Puerto Rico
Email: spiritual.guidess@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DivineExpressionCreationCoach