Balance Your Chakras

Balance Chakras.

Balance the chakras. It is possible to perfectly align all 7 of your chakras so that your mental and physical states of being are in balance and healthy. The chaotic and unpredictable world we live in has us constantly pulled in one direction or another. Our hectic lifestyles also lead to imbalance in one way or another.


How can you balance your chakras so they are in harmony with each other?

First you have to identify if one or more of your energy centers are actually out of balance. Look to your physical and psychological attributes. Constipation can be a sign that your first chakra (root chakra) is blocked.

If you experience headaches which are usually located in your forehead, your third eye chakra may be blocked. If you are passive and indecisive, your solar plexus chakra may need clearing.

Each of your 7 energy centers is connected to specific physical and psychological functions. Knowing which chakras determine which physical and mental outcomes leads to an understanding of which energy centers need to be unblocked to deliver a desired outcome.

You can begin to align the chakras by visualizing each one as a vibrate spear of light and expand the rainbow light out into the aura.

Download your complimentary chakra chart

7 chakras at a glance chart


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