Meaning of Spirituality



Meaning of Spirituality.

The meaning of spirituality depends on the person. It’s meaning is different to every individual. For some people, spirituality is all about participating in an organized religion, attending church activities and going to a mosque, synagogue, church, etc.


For some other people, spirituality means something that is personal. Some individuals get in touch with their spiritual side by means of prayer, meditation, yoga, quiet reflection and even long walks in a solemn place.

meaning of spirituality

Whatever you believe and think essentially becomes your reality. Mental repetition of the same thought, whether positive or negative, programs the human mind in order to behave and act in accordance to their thought.

The spiritual journey is actually not a circus. All situations stem from the thinking pattern. In time, the thoughts become reality.

Whatever it is that happens in your life is reflecting your thought pattern. You have to work on yourself. Lift the negative thinking and the heaviness.

Clear all your baggage that seems to make things even harder. Remember that clarity always lead to purity. Purity will lead to divinity. Your purity will lead to divinity.


Spirituality is not considered as philosophy or a religion. It is not a matter of debate, discussion or even convenience. It is actually your own personal belief. It is a way of being able to relate to truth. It is an important aspect of being able to go through life truthfully.

However we choose to embrace the spiritual side of our personality, when we do focus on spiritual self-awareness we usually discover we come alive in our personality and this has an effect on how we relate to self and others.

Spirituality is a way of growing and living towards the new. To grow and development in a way towards self-development, self truth and self motivation.

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