Tap into the Universal Energy
Activate Your Soul Codes
Transform your Body, Mind & Spirit with Soul Healing. Bring your energy back into harmony with reiki & soul alignment practices that help you embrace your full potential to create your amazing life.

Are you feeling unmotivated, stagnant and worn out from the mundane day to day life?
Are you ready to free yourself from mental limitations, and emotional pain from the past?  

Are you standing by passively and letting life happen to you?  

Right now there is a calling in your heart. You are ready to release the suffering and the struggle.  

It's time to be live without apologies, excuses, shame, guilt or self judgement.

Soul codes are streams of information transmitted to you from your Soul. These codes activate your DNA, your physical body and your energy field. They work at any level and all levels of your being. As appropriate to your spiritual development. 

Meditation, ritual breath work, attunements, energy clearing, inner child connection and healing. Explore the fundamental practices for self-realization and gain a sense of value and belonging.

When we go through the motions of life and don't know why we are here, it can lead to unhappiness, sadness and illness. Find out how to follow your inner calling. It's time to explore just what your soul is calling you to do. The universe is calling us to awaken. It's that whisper asking... Are you ready to walk the path? 

Are you a Spiritual Person, Empath, Starseed or Lightworker?

Are you letting life just happen?  

Are you looking to release blockages and tune into feeling inspired, motivated and excited about life?  

You no longer need to suffer with body pain, emotional hurt, mentally feeling lost and confused or unworthy.  

Let's come into alignment and release your hidden Spiritual gifts and connect with high level frequency.

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What is Reiki?

Rei means Gods Wisdom. Ki means Life Force Energy. Reiki is a Japanese energy Healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety.

What is an Attunement?

An attunement is a connection, an alignment with a particular energy vibration. They can be done in person, online or sent to anyone around the world via chi ball.

What is a Chi Ball?

A Chi Ball is a ball of energy created by me specifically for you containing the attunement of your choice. Once created, it is protected by Source until it is called in & activated.

Get clear and confident about your gifts and why you've been called to step into the next level.

 Awaken your higher self and  develop a deep and lasting relationship with your guides.

  Give yourself permission to relax and allow the body release stress and tension.

 "Life had become incredibly hectic and stressful, and I found myself struggling to focus and ground myself. That's when I decided to book a session with Enid, and it was just what I needed! She listened to me and cared for me, creating a customized experience tailored to my specific needs. Throughout the session, she skillfully shifted the path to accommodate what I was experiencing, and I felt incredibly supported. The visualizations were fantastic, and the overall feeling was one of peace, energy, empowerment, and grounding. I can honestly say that I felt awesome afterward! I would definitely recommend Enid to anyone who needs support, care, and guidance in finding balance and peace. She truly cares about her clients and takes the time to ensure that their energy is where it needs to be. Thank you so much, Enid, for your incredible work!"

Tiffani Walker